Data Excellence

From data management to data excellence.

At Westminster we don't provide data management, we provide unique data excellence. Our proprietary software is built in a modular fashion, empowering us to empower our clients. Lifestyles, values and marketplace analytics can be mapped against multiple variables to bring new meaning to the term, "it's all about the data." We do data, we do it fast and we do it well.

Today's multi-faceted marketing campaigns integrate social media, electronic billboards, creative copy, print, on-the-ground initiatives, direct mail, and more. When a costly direct mail component has unexpectedly disappointing response rates, we de-brief and attempt analysis at identify if timing, copy or creative have failed.

When was the last time you asked if the data failed? How many of these personalized mailers never reached the intended audience? How many households or worse, individuals, received duplicates? How many customers or existing donors were included in the wrong mailing segment?

Why accept data management, when you need data excellence? Let our brand make your brand look better.

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